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and 25% of your ad rate goes to local charities in Florida counties

2021 MEDIA KIT – The Seminole Source

In 2020, local nonprofit organizations became increasingly vital to Florida, due in part to an increased amount of people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their role in 2021 will again be far too important to the underserved in our communities not to do everything possible to ensure their success. 

Because of their challenges, The Seminole Source will donate 25% of the total advertising revenues we receive from area businesses. What that means is if you advertise with us, 25% of those advertising-dollars will go to nonprofit organizations and charities.

For more information on the why behind this decision, check out this article on the launch of the program.

These are the four charities we have chosen to support in 2021:

What we offer

We offer category-exclusive advertising and promotion strategies, including the ability for display, video, and audio advertising, with click-through technology that takes your potential customers directly to your website or social media page.

In addition, The Seminole Source provides a platform for you to be the “local expert” in your field by communicating your expertise directly to the community through informative and inspirational articles, press releases, event promotion and more.

Advertising through our digital media platform allows you to track your impact via our Google analytics, website data and social media engagement numbers. Your ads remain in front of the community 24/7 instead of being tossed in the trash, allowing you creative means to connect in multiple ways that cut through the clutter for real, tangible results.

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