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The mission of The Seminole Source is to tell the story of this community and to inform, engage and inspire. But are we telling the story of your business? Are we informing, engaging and inspiring the residents of Seminole County about you?

The Seminole Source offers category-exclusive advertising and promotion strategies, including display, digital, and content advertising in the area’s most comprehensive source for local news, weather, traffic, sports, and community information.  And only The Seminole Source provides a platform for you to be the “local expert” in your field, communicating your expertise to potential customers in creative ways that cut through the clutter for real, tangible results.

And readership? In just its first month online, the Seminole Source went over 25,000 unique visitors to its news site. And with a population in Seminole County of over 450,000, that number will only grow in the coming weeks.


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About The Seminole Source

It’s been a little over 100 years since the Florida Legislature carved out a little chunk of Orange County to create a new territory, but in that century its 450,000-plus residents have transformed this land into one of the most dynamic, successful, and picturesque collections of communities in the entire state.

Seminole County blends together a diversity of benefits that include a flourishing economy, pristine landscapes, a watchful eye over its natural environment, and one of the state’s finest school systems. This diversity creates a quality of living unparalleled in all of Florida.

And a county like this deserves to have its story told… not just once or twice a week, but every day, and up to the minute. And the story of Seminole County cannot be told with ink and paper, but with the lightning-speed of a digital platform.

The Seminole Source is a local independent online news site that wants to be that voice in this community. We cover news specific to Seminole County, along with breaking news, features, coming events, and stories that inform, engage and inspire its readers.

And not from a Central Florida perspective, but with a hyper-local eye on Seminole County for Seminole County readers. From local news to county and municipal politics to the downtown scene in Sanford to the Red, Hot & Boom celebration at Crane’s Roost in Altamonte, The Seminole Source will cover it all with timeliness, accuracy, and the objectivity that its readers want and deserve.

Fueled by a partnership with the Seminole County Chamber of Commerce, we will also tell the success stories of area businesses that often go overlooked by large publications based in other counties.

So go ahead Seminole County, go to the movies, check out new restaurants or the latest craft beer tavern, win a state championship, start a small business, break the course record, run for office or engage with your community. The Seminole Source will be there to tell your story every day.

Thanks again for taking a look at our new online publication. We hope you return soon.