Cranes Roost Park, Altamonte Springs

The Altamonte Electric Utility launches its first sustainability initiative with the construction of the state’s largest floating solar array

From the City of Altamonte Springs

The City of Altamonte Springs celebrates a new and innovative project using emerging floating solar array technology to supply power to its Regional Water Reclamation Facility. The project will further increase sustainability, reduce the City’s carbon footprint and lower costs.

Featuring 2,430 photovoltaic panels, the solar array is designed to convert the sun’s
energy into one megawatt of clean power while floating on an existing stormwater
retention pond. Electing to use this advanced floating design over the traditional
ground-mounted solar array removes the need for additional land acquisition and
reduces maintenance requirements.

The launch of this project is a first by the Altamonte Electric Utility (AEU), which was established in 2017 with the purpose of exploring renewable energy sources for
City facilities and saving taxpayer dollars.

AEU’s floating solar array project covers 2 acres, making it the largest in the state of
Florida and the third largest in the nation.

“The floating solar array is anticipated to be fully operational in 2021 to kick off the new
year with an eco-friendly initiative and further solidify the City’s path to sustainability,”
said Altamonte Springs City Manager Frank Martz. “Our City consistently invents ways to
challenge the norm and develop out-of-the-box solutions that are cost effective and

Powering the water reclamation facility with solar energy further supports the City’s
mission to protect the environment and save water resources. The facility is home to a
variety of innovative projects and provides advanced wastewater treatment for six
cities in two counties in Central Florida. It operates 24/7, consuming about 40% of the
total energy used by all City-owned buildings. Sourcing renewable energy from this
project is estimated to yield $115,000 in recurring annual savings and more than $2
million over the floating solar array’s lifespan.

The City of Altamonte Springs is known for its innovative and proactive approach to
addressing industry challenges. Now tackling renewable energy, the City is focused on
leading the way in environmental sustainability. With a diverse portfolio of established
environmentally-friendly initiatives like pureALTA, Altamonte Springs Science Incubator,
A-FIRST and Project APRICOT, AEU continues the City’s legacy of cultivating innovation
to power the future.

For more information on the AEU floating solar array, visit

Altamonte Springs is a city born of innovation, fiscal responsibility and progressive ideas.
The City is completely debt free and maintains one of the lowest tax rates in Florida.
City leadership, staff, residents and local businesses share a vision of making Altamonte
Springs the best place in Florida to live, work, raise a family, earn a degree, seek
medical care, build a business and more. Few locations in the state offer the robust
services Altamonte Springs provides at such a low cost. From forward-thinking projects
and proactive initiatives to an evolving business climate and environmentally-friendly
projects, Altamonte Springs has set an example for other municipalities by striving to
work beyond the typical constraints of local government.

The City has a perfect blend of community spirit and bustling activities that help create
a wholesome environment for residents and visitors alike. Residential tree-lined streets
and beautiful, natural parks reflect the charming and unique character of what locals
call home. Through engaging programs, services and partnerships, Altamonte Springs is
committed to enhancing quality of community living and enriching its diverse social



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