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Publix at Longwood Hills Market opens its doors


With the ceremonial ribbon cutting, Longwood’s long awaited Publix Market opened its doors at 7:00 am Tuesday morning this week.

The new Publix Market held a ribbon cutting at 6:45 am on Tuesday to mark a new normal for Longwood as it has opened the doors to the City’s first Publix Grocery store. The 28,000 sq ft facility focuses upon serving the surrounding neighborhood area that has expanded its population over the recent years. A number of new single family developments and apartments has created an opportunity to service the residents along the Longwood Hills and Lake Emma neighborhoods. The store offers a full complement of the produce and products common to Publix, especially the deli, which greets the shopper as they enter the store.

Longwood thanks Publix for the extensive investment into the City and adding to the shopping alternatives for their residents.

Longwood ranks 14th in the State of Florida for College Grads

LendEDU crunched the data on more than 25,000 U.S. cities to recognize the places that have the highest proportions of residents with bachelor’s degrees.

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, full-time workers with a bachelor’s degree have median weekly earnings of $1,189, while median weekly earnings for high school graduates are $718 and $515 for full-time workers without a high school degree.

Being a college graduate usually leads to a higher paying job, which is oftentimes found within desirable cities and neighborhoods or in close proximity to them.

When enough college graduates are living in one town or city, the housing market becomes competitive and home values increase, which all homeowners hope for when they make the massive investment of buying a house.

Using the most up-to-date data on over 25,000 American cities, LendEDU found the places that have the highest proportions of residents with a bachelor’s degree.

This can be valuable information for any prospective homebuyer as cities that have convenient proximity to high paying jobs and competitive housing markets should lead to an excellent return on investment when it becomes time to sell down the road.

After analyzing data for over 25,000 American cities, each was ranked according to its percentage of college graduates relative to its current population.

Specifically, Longwood has 10,773 college graduates out of a population of 53,707, which is 20.06% as a percentage. The analysis looked at both incorporated and unincorporated areas around each city.

These numbers rank Longwood #14 in Florida and #474 in the entire country!

Congratulations City and residents of Longwood!



  1. The new Publix is a pleasure to have. It’s employees are friendly and courteous, continuing the tradition. I live off Lake Emma and the convenience is great.


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