City of Sanford, Main Water Plant

From the City of Sanford

The City of Sanford’s almost 60 year old “Main”, or No.1 Water Treatment Plant (MWTP), will be replaced with a brand new one in the New Year, thanks to the City Commission’s approval of the project at the December 14 City Commission meeting. Beginning after the holidays in early January 2021, the contractor believes the project should be completed within 14-16 months.
The new water treatment plant is replacing the City’s old one that was located on the corner of HE Thomas Parkway and Country Club Rd. It’s called the “Main”, or Water Treatment Plant No.1, because although the Auxiliary or Water Treatment Plant #2 has more advanced treatment, the MWTP produces and supplies the City with about twice the amount of water as does Water Treatment Plant No. 2.
The contractor is constructing a new building which will include an Operators’ Control Room, several offices, a conference and training area, high service pump, chemical feed pump, generator and electrical control rooms. All equipment inside of the building, such as pumps, motors, generator, electrical control panels, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System, etc. will all be new equipment. It is especially important for the SCADA system to be upgraded as plant operators operate and control the water plants and its remote sites through this system. In addition to providing operational control over the equipment, the SCADA system also provides information to the operators on key water treatment plant parameters and records certain information for future reporting and informational use, like water plant pressure, flow, and other plant essentials. No work will be done on the two Ground Storage Tanks.
The City’s current water plant will continue to be online until the new plant is ready to be placed in service, at which time the old plant will be demolished. This water plant supplies water to the majority of the Sanford. The cost for this project is $7.691 Million, with funds coming from a very low interest loan from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) under their State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Program. The Program’s mission is to provide eligible entities with the lowest interest rates possible on the financing of such projects while protecting public health and the environment.
For questions on this project, contact the City of Sanford at 407.688.5000.


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