From Staff Reports and the City of Lake Mary

Lake Mary is hosting a free Shred-A-Thon next week, in partnership with Shred-It Orlando. This is a great event to help make sure your confidential documents and hard drives are safe from identity theft.

Mark your calendar for January 30, 2021, from 9am to 1pm, and bring your confidential documents and unwanted hard drives to 660 Century Point in Lake Mary (past the Senior Center on Wallace Court) for shredding and on-site destruction.

The first two boxes or bags are free (size of a file box or grocery bag), and then there is a small $5 donation for every box or bag after that. Hard drives will be destroyed for a $10/donation each, with all donations going to fund Senior Center programs. Be sure to remove your hard drive from your computer before you come to the event.

Shred-It Orlando shares on their blog a few key benefits of cleaning up your desk and clearing clutter from your office.

Improved Data Security

According to Shred-it’s 2020 Data Protection Report, the most commonly reported cause of data breaches was human error. A tidy workspace, whether it be at home or in the office, can greatly reduce vulnerabilities.

Better Efficiency and Collaboration

By decluttering your office, you’ll only have relevant and important information available, reducing time wasted on searching for the right papers, notes and files. Less time wasted means more time on important projects and real priorities, which ultimately benefits you and your business. Better organization will also allow for easier, more seamless collaboration between team or family members.

Reduced Stress Levels

Have you ever looked at a cluttered mess and immediately felt overwhelmed? Studies have shown that our brains like order and find disorganization draining, reducing our ability to focus. Keeping your workspace clean and tidy can have a positive psychological impact and reduce your stress levels.

There is still time to kick off 2021 with a fresh start, more organized, and with safety in mind for you, your family and business. The city of Lake Mary is here to help with Shred-A-Thon’s event happening next Saturday.


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