In a 5-0 vote during the City Council meeting last night, Commissioner Matt Morgan was named Mayor of Longwood. The unanimous tally included previous mayor Ben Paris.

“I am humbled and grateful to my fellow commissioners for believing in me,” Morgan said. “Thank you to Ben Paris for introducing me to politics, and encouraging me to go out into the community and be myself.”

Longwood Mayor Matt Morgan

Morgan will serve a one-year term before the Council votes again. Paris had previously served as mayor for two years.

He also had a message for his fellow Council members.
“I’m going to tell you the exact same thing I said when I was sworn into the city commissioner seat one and a half years ago: we are a team of five here in Longwood. Each responsible represents one finger on a hand, and when you ball that up it forms a fist, an undeniable, an unpenatrable, unbreakable fist who carries out the wishes of our Longwood residents,” he said.He also made a statement on his Facebook page:

“I am so humbled & honored to announce that I was elected Mayor Of Longwood, by a unanimous vote amongst my fellow commissioners at last night’s Longwood City Commission meeting!! What I like most about our #Longwood City Commission, is that we truly ARE a team of FIVE. We win as a team of 5, and we lose as a team of 5. Everything we do for this city, we do it as a TEAM of 5, truly serving our Longwood residents as their public servants and conduits. Special thanks to our longest tenured Commissioner, Deputy Mayor Bryan Sackett for nominating me! Huge thanks to former Mayor Ben Paris for introducing this crazy world of politics to me, to begin with! And for his 1 1/2 years at the helm, leading our City, while encouraging me nonstop, to continue to go out and be the “Bull in a China shop” our Longwood residents first elected me to go out and become. I will continue to lead our city, but I cannot thank you enough for putting us in the right direction When Longwood needed you the most! Commissioners Richard Drummond and Abbie Shoemaker, you have no clue what it meant to me to get your vote of confidence. Just cannot say enough good things about my fellow commissioners, and what a special night last night was for me both personally and professionally, because of THEM! When these personal achievements come up for me, ESPECIALLY last night, I always think back to when I was In Special Education (1st-5th Grade) during grammar school, being bullied & made fun of for my learning disability………and just how far I’ve come! God continues to light this path for me, and I’ll continue to do HIM, my city, & my family proud!”