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From the Apopka Police Department
The Apopka Police Department (APD) shared a warning on Facebook to the community to watch out for “porch pirates” this holiday, with tips to make this season safer for all. The information is relevant for all our neighborhoods and cities, especially with so much online ordering these days.
The APD writes:
“The holiday season is a time to enjoy family and friends. It is also a time when we purchase items for the holidays online and have them delivered to our residence. Unfortunately, this time of year also brings out thoughtless, uncaring individuals that like to prey on others. These unscrupulous individuals like to steal packages from our porches. A box, or pile of boxes, on your front porch makes an easy target for porch pirates, some of whom follow delivery trucks to scoop up packages moments after they are dropped off.

As this season begins, here are some tips to avoid becoming a victim of “porch pirates.”

1. Have packages delivered to your workplace/office.
2. Have packages delivered to a friend or neighbor that is home during the day.
3. Sign up for delivery alerts. Many carriers provide delivery alerts that let you track your package(s) and know when it is going to be delivered, has been delivered, etc.
4. Install a BoxLock. The BoxLock is a smart padlock that will open after successfully scanning a package. Then the delivery driver can put your package inside your storage container.”
You can find additional suggestions on the internet to explore and ensure your package is delivered and not stolen. Always remember, if you see something or someone suspicious in your neighborhood, please call your local police department, or the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office. If it is an emergency call 911, otherwise call the the non-emergency number for the SCSO is 407-665-6650.


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