Central Florida concierge medical office explains the benefits of using a direct primary care model

From the Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce

Nostalgia Family Medicine and Wellness Center in Longwood, Florida announces their newest online guide located at https://nostalgiamed.com/benefits-of-direct-primary-care/.  This online guide discusses the benefits of using a direct primary care (DPC) doctor.  

Dr. Brandon Fletcher, President, and CEO of Nostalgia Family Medicine stated, “Oftentimes, patients are unaware of the costs of a traditional insurance plan compared to the costs of direct primary care type of plan.  For example, a monthly premium for traditional insurance may cost anywhere from $200 to $1200 while our cost is $100 to $200.  Many insurance plans also require a co-pay while we do not.  We have an in-house pharmacy for basic medications as well as offering specialty cash pricing for labs and radiology.”

In the case of Nostalgia Family Medicine and Wellness Center their direct primary care approach also includes tele-med services (telephone medical consultations) house calls, upfront pricing, and same day or next day appointments.  Patients are encouraged to spend as long as they like during their appointment and are never rushed out.  Dr. Fletcher offers telemedicine appointments for those who cannot physically come into his office.  Those appointments are available by phone, text, email, or video chat up until 10pm each evening.  In the DPC model at Nostalgia Family Medicine and Wellness Center, there is no insurance accepted so there is no need for pre-approval, no denials, and no unnecessary testing.  Adjunct therapies that are also offered in their office include BEMER, Botox and fillers, IV nutraceuticals, and medical marijuana evaluations.

Patients say Nostalgia Family Medicine offers the best healthcare at an affordable price in Seminole County Florida.  An example of their price structure includes office/telemedicine visits for $99.99 per month, home/telemedicine visit pricing for $199.99 per month and family pricing for $99.99 per month.  In the family pricing, the first adult family member cost is $100 per month and each additional adult family member is $50 per month, and each dependent child under 18 years old is $25 per month.  Monthly fee may vary based on patients age.  For more information on pricing, consumers are encouraged to visit online at https://nostalgiamed.com/pricing/.

Nostalgia Family Medicine is an authorized treatment center for patients that require medical marijuana.  An evaluation must be conducted in order to see if the patient meets the criteria set by the state of Florida for receiving medical marijuana. If a patient meets the criteria, then a medical marijuana card can be obtained.  There is a required state fee that a patient must pay in order to obtain the card.  For existing patients, the cost of a medical cannabis certification is $149.99.  This cost includes an evaluation good for up to 210 days.  Medical Cannabis certification pricing for a non-current patient is $199.99.  This fee includes the first follow-up/dosing appointment, the 1stseven-month certification period, a thorough evaluation by a board-certified DPC physician at Nostalgia Family Medicine and Wellness Center, all orders placed at the medical marijuana user registry and monthly office follow up appointments or telemedicine appointment follow-ups for six months once a patient’s registration card is approved.  For more information on medical marijuana cards, visit online at https://nostalgiamed.com/medical-marijuana-recommendations/.

This Longwood, Florida direct primary care office specializes in pain management as well as being able to treat common health issues such as the flu, sinus infections, blood pressure problems, wellness exams, and more.  Direct primary care puts the patient at the center of care instead of the insurance company.

Dr. Fletcher stated “This healthcare model takes healthcare back to the time when doctors made house calls, were available at all times for their patients, and went above and beyond in providing the best healthcare for their patients.  Nostalgia Family Medicine is modern medicine delivered the old-fashioned way.”

Nostalgia Family Medicine and Wellness Center is open from 9am until 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday and by appointment only on Thursdays.  Telemedicine availability is every day by phone, text, email, or video chat up until 10pm.  Correspondence received after 10pm will be addressed first thing the following morning.

To make an appointment or to learn more about this direct primary care facility offering medical marijuana evaluations in Longwood, Florida, visit online at https://nostalgiamed.com/or call 407-543-1270.