Seminole County Public Schools COVID-19 Data Dashboard, as of September 29, 2020

From the Seminole County Public Schools

The Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) COVID-19 dashboard reveals a total of 99 positive COVID-19 cases in their schools as of September 29, 2020. This is an increase of 65 new cases since the COVID-19 Data Dashboard was created and released to help inform parents, students, staff, and the community about positive cases throughout the school district.

The link to the SCPS dashboard can be found by clicking here (or The dashboard is updated every Tuesday and Thursday.

Schools impacted by COVID-19 positive cases will be listed along with the total number of employees and students throughout the district for each campus, and it will be updated as they receive the latest information on confirmed positive cases from the Florida Department of Health (FL-DOH) in Seminole County.

While the initial data of 34 COVID-19 cases on their dashboard was released on September 11, the data was from August 31, 2020.

As of Tuesday night, September 29, there have been a total of 99 positive COVID-19 cases in all SCPS schools, and were listed as follows:

Altamonte Elementary School: 1 (same)

Bear Lake Elementary School: 7 (increase of 6 new cases)

Bentley Elementary School: 1 (new)

Carillon Elementary School: 3 (increase of 1 new case)

Eastbrook Elementary School: 1 (same)

English Estates Elementary School: 1 (new)

Galileo School for Gifted Learning (Charter): 6 (increase of 4 new cases)

Geneva Elementary School: 2 (same)

Greenwood Lakes Middle School: 2 (increase of 1 new case)

Hagerty High School: 9 (increase of 6 new cases)

Idyllwilde Elementary School: 1 (new)

Jackson Heights Middle School: 2 (new)

Lake Brantley High School: 9 (increase of 6 new cases)

Lake Howell High School: 9 (increase of 8 new cases)

Lake Mary Elementary School: 3 (increase of 2 new cases)

Lake Mary High School: 6 (new)

Lawton Elementary School: 4 (increase of 2 new cases)

Layer Elementary School: 2 (new)

Lyman High School: 4 (same)

Millennium Middle School: 1 (new)

Oviedo High School: 1 (same)

Partin Elementary School: 1 (same)

Pine Crest Elementary School: 1 (same)

Sabal Point Elementary School: 2 (new)

Seminole High School: 4 (new)

South Seminole Academy (Middle School): 4 (increase of 1 new case)

Spring Lake Elementary School: 1 (new)

Sterling Park Elementary School: 1 (new)

Teague Middle School: 1 (same)

UCP Seminole Child Development (Charter): 2 (new)

Wilson Elementary School: 1 (same)

Winter Springs Elementary School: 1 (same)

Winter Springs High School: 2 (increase of 1 new case)



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