Chamber sales leader named top 3 in the US by ACCE

From the Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce
One of the ways we serve our members is by growing our membership. This gives our members more opportunities to create more sales and continually drive economic development for our region.
For the last fiscal year, Kristina O’Leary simply rocked in growing our chamber.
The national organization Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives announced that O’Leary was the No. 3 salesperson in the United States for the total number of new members in her category. She was ranked No. 2 in the total amount of new revenue from dues.
This accomplishment is substantial. It shows the value of our chamber to the region and to businesses.
Congratulate Kristina O’Leary next time you see her for this wonderful recognition and take pride in being involved in a growing, thriving chamber of commerce.