Map of E. Lake Mary

From the Seminole County Newsroom

Seminole County, working with Renaissance Planning, is beginning an effort to conduct a small area land use study around a five-mile section of E. Lake Mary Boulevard. The study will cover from Mellonville Avenue to just north of State Road 46, Orlando Sanford International Airport, and environmental areas bordering Lake Jesup from boundaries to the west and east.

By examining a broad range of development and planning-related issues, the study will help create a program of strategies and policies that will guide growth as this area develops and evolves over time. The brief overview presentation East Lake Mary Small Area Study Overview,” as prepared by Renaissance Planning, outlines the objectives and process for the study.  Below are the links to the surveys for local residents and local businesses to complete.

An important part of the study will involve engaging the community, both businesses and residents, to understand your perceptions of the E. Lake Mary Boulevard corridor and study area, your concerns and issues with existing development and transportation conditions, and your ideas for the future of the study area.

Residents and Business: Your thoughts are needed

As a local resident and as a local business, Seminole County would like to hear your thoughts about E. Lake Mary Boulevard and other nearby areas, as they may affect your routines and daily life.  They have prepared a short survey and would appreciate your input – all information provided will remain confidential.

The survey for residents can be completed by using the following link

The survey for local businesses can be completed by using the following link

Please join Seminole County in person or virtually via Zoom at their Community Workshop on October 29, 2020 at 6:30 pm and share with your thoughts about E. Lake Mary Boulevard and other nearby areas.

You may reach out to County staff, Dagmarie Segarra, with questions by email to or by phone to 407-665-7383.  Or you may reach out to Renaissance Planning staff, David Nelson by email or by phone to 407-487-0061 x135.



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